Localized | Workshop: Building your CV for Junior Roles

by Student Career Development

Professional Development

Mon, Nov 27, 2023

7 PM – 8 PM (GMT+3)

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4700, Thuwal, Jeddah , 23955-6900, Saudi Arabia

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**⏰ 11:00AM EST | 16:00 GMT | 18:00 Egypt Time** *🌟 Elevate Your Career Prospects with Our Exclusive Workshop! 🌟* 📝 Join our interactive session and master the art of creating a role-specific CV that'll make you shine when applying for positions on our platform! Here's a resume template you can follow to build your own, and get real-time feedback during the session: https://shorturl.at/mqCK4 . What will be covered in the workshop? ✅ Hands-On CV Building: Engage in practical exercises and step-by-step guidance on crafting your resume, even with no prior work experience. ✅ Learn how to align your CV with the specific needs of jobs listed on our platform through interactive exercises (we will use real-life examples and open positions). ✅ Exploring Job Opportunities: Discover how to fine-tune your CV for a standout job search, all through interactive activities. . ***JOBS THIS WEEK:*** 🌟 [Enterprise Sales Intern (Mexico) ](https://www.localized.world/jobs/15788/enterprise-sales-intern-for-current-undergraduate-students-only-paypal) 🌟 [Olayan Future Leaders Graduate Program (open to Saudi citizens only)](https://www.localized.world/jobs/15283/olayan-future-leaders-graduate-program-open-to-saudi-citizens-only-olayan-saudi-holding-company) 🌟 [Associate Sales Representative (fluent French required)](https://www.localized.world/jobs/15789/associate-sales-representative-fluent-french-required-cisco) . **At the heart of it, our workshops are the key to enhancing your resume and profiles, amplifying your chances of landing employment opportunities through Localized and beyond.** 🌟 . **About Iyad Uakoub:** +12 years of global experience in building award-winning career centers, advising startups, empowering organizations with workforce learning & engagement strategies and leveraging data and technology to democratize career opportunities. . **About Hayat Kallas:** Hayat is an experienced Content Strategist and has been a Content Practice Leader at Sparathon since February 2022, she excels at designing personalized content strategies and refining engagement techniques. Hayat is also a dedicated career coach in training, helping individuals transform their career journeys into meaningful and joyful experiences. . **About Cendia Salman:** With a passionate pursuit of excellence, Cendia is an MBA student and a seasoned Consulting Practice Leader with a proven track record of three years in the realms of business analysis, data visualization, and statistical techniques. Fostering her career journey in the Project management field she leads multinational projects at Sparathon and continues to apply what she learned in the context of Career Coaching leading individuals toward more impactful carers. . **Click "Register for event" to secure your spot. When the webinar launches, that same button will change to say "Join with Zoom." Click the button to join the event. You must have zoom downloaded on your phone or computer to join.** See more: https://localized.world/events/1035/workshop-building-your-cv-for-junior-roles Hosted by Localized



4700, Thuwal, Jeddah , 23955-6900, Saudi Arabia

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