PSE Student Senate

About Us

The PSE (Physical Science and Engineering)-Student Senate was officially created in 2020 for students to work closely with the PSE dean’s office in order to be represented and participate in the decision making processes directly pertaining to student matters. The senate is representing all PSE academic programs, with one representative for each program.

The PSE Student Senate exists intending to involve students in decisions directly related to improving the PSE programs which will include improving students' experience within the division. The senate is reflecting students’ voices and will participate proactively in solving students’ issues accordingly.

Senate Members

Omar Abed
Rajeh Alsaadi
Maram Almalki
Bora Yalcin
Abdullah Alali
Jawaher Almutlaq
Khaiyom Hakimov


PSE Student Senate
Thuwal, Jeddah, 23955-6900
Saudi Arabia