Precious Plastic Project - KAUST

About us

Precious Plastic is a global initiative dedicated to reducing plastic waste.

Students for Sustainability with the support of the Sustainability Office, Facilities Management, and Averda created the Precious Plastic Project at KAUST.

Our workshop is a great space for people that want to learn about plastic pollution, the properties of plastic and how plastic recycling works

Our goals

We aim to empower KAUST community to drive for sustainable change and to provide them with the necessary tools to do so

We aim to raise awareness about the problems related to plastic use and the need for accurate waste segregation.

Get involved!

At Precious Plastic, we know that real change comes from people like you.
We're building a recycling system that thrives on collaboration.

We're excited to invite you to our training sessions and volunteer opportunities.

Learn new skills, meet like-minded individuals, and be part of a community that's committed to a sustainable future.

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Learn how to operate the machines and have access to the workspace to bring your ideas to life!


- Spread the word

- Run the space by sorting plastic, organizing the space, preparing shredded plastic for our events

- Propose an idea that you want to try out using the workspace

Our Equipment

Plastic Granulator Machine

The granulator cuts plastic items into small flakes ready to be turned into new things by the other machines.

Plastic Injection Machine

Plastic flakes are heated and injected into a mould. It's a relatively quick process well suited for creating productions of small objects.

Our supporters